Konecranes’ reliable and safe industrial crane applications

For over 80 years, Konecranes has been dedicated to helping improve efficiency and productivity in a variety of industries. As a result of its experience and commitment to engineering excellence, the company has continuously provided lifting applications that combine both reliability and maximized life-cycle value.

Konecranes wide range of industrial cranes includes the most significant innovations developed for crane applications. They are designed to meet medium to heavy industrial lifting requirements, covering all phases of the manufacturing process. The technology developed by Konecranes is based on powerful innovation in mechanical and electrical design as well as on the application of the most modern industrial manufacturing know-how.

Range of cranes and hoists

Konecranes supplies bridge, gantry, and wall console cranes that can be equipped with a wide variety of lifting devices. The range comprises:

Highest safety levels

Konecranes also offers a wide range of hazardous area cranes, hoists and components. All strategic components, such as chain hoists, wire rope hoists, traveling machineries, end carriages and crane controls, are designed and manufactured to ensure the highest safety levels are maintained in hazardous environments.

Standard and outstanding at once

Konecranes’ standard offering in industrial cranes provides the best return on investment. Rather than measuring returns solely on capacity and cost effectiveness, reliability and safety are also regarded as crucial factors in determining the overall returns that a new piece of lifting equipment provides. Konecranes manufactures cranes that have the ability to reliably lift diverse types of loads, to facilitate operation, to minimize cycle times and to help increase overall safety.

As every crane operation process is different, thus their specific needs. Konecranes can also help here by customizing cranes to meet individual application requirements — for brand new cranes or the modernization of existing ones.

Strong and safe

The steel structure of all cranes manufactured by Konecranes is strong and built to last. It is optimized in design to reduce stress on the building where it is placed. In addition, operators are provided with excellent control over their loads with the stepless speed inverter control along the runway.

For a better optimization of space, Konecranes has developed headroom and hook approaches that have been minimized, thus offering maximum space for other operations above and below the cranes, which consequently helps enhance safety and enables customers to better utilize the working space at their facilities.

Extensive service network

Through its global service network, Konecranes offers specialized maintenance and modernization services for all types of industrial cranes. These services can be applied to a single piece of equipment or across the entire operation, boosting the productivity and safety of industrial processes. Excellent, proactive, and real-time service is one of Konecranes’ strategic priorities. With over 600 service locations in almost 50 countries, the company has the largest service network in the industry and provides high-quality service 24/7.


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