10 TEREX hybrid straddle carriers to the Grand Bahama Island Container Port

Terex Port Solutions (TPS) has received an order for ten Terex® NSC 634 E ECO straddle carriers from Freeport Container Port (FCP), which is part of Hutchison Port Holdings. From May of this year, the straddle carriers will be in operation at the FCP terminal on Grand Bahama Island. They can stack 9’6’’ (2,9 meter)  high-cube containers 1-over-2 and, to enable high handling rates, have lifting capacities of up to 60 tons under the spreader coupled with maximum travel speeds of 30 kph. The Terex NSC E ECO straddle carrier has a hybrid drive system, consisting of both a diesel-powered generator and electrostatic short-term storage media, which results in significantly reduced fuel consumption and exhaust emissions compared to a traditional drive system.

The preferred ecological and economic choice

“For some years, Terex hybrid straddle carriers have proven their worth in everyday cargo handling”
– Guido Luini, Managing Director of Terex Port Solutions

Twenty-five diesel-hydraulic Terex NSC 644 H straddle carriers are already in use in the Freeport terminal. As FCP gradually expands its terminal, it is placing particular emphasis on the cost effectiveness and environmentally compatible operation of the handling machines used. In view of this approach, it was, according to Luini, logical that the customer ordered Terex Straddle Carriers with hybrid drives.

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