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6,000 mile transatlantic delivery by Ale

ALE has transported a transformer, weighing 249t, almost 6,000 miles, from Stafford, UK, to Gillem in Manitoba, Canada.

ALE were contracted with the full turnkey scope of work, including the full project management, and engineering of each phase.

The transformer first embarked on its extensive journey at the beginning of August and was transported and installed in several stages.

First it was transported from Stafford to Ellesmere Port, UK, using ALE’s AL100 girder frame with 22 axle lines of conventional trailers. It was then stored and lifted onto an ocean vessel for its 4,500-mile sea voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to Thunder Bay, Canada.

Once it arrived at Thunder Bay 17 days later, ALE discharged the transformer onto a 16 axle line railcar. Here, it was transported for the final leg of the journey for 1,100 miles to Gillem in Northern Manitoba. ALE worked in partnership with a range of local, trusted suppliers to undertake the various modes of transport over such a large distance.

On site, ALE removed the transformer from the railcar and placed it onto 12 axle lines of SPT. The transformer was then jacked and skidded onto its final foundation.

Tom Irvine, Senior Project Manager, said: “Considering the sheer distance and the variation in the modes of transport, from overland railcars and girder frames to ocean vessels, this transportation project presented some challenges for us and demonstrates our capabilities for delivering turnkey solutions. Despite the complexity, we were able to utilise our project management skills and partnerships with local suppliers to operate different stages of the overall project.”

The project was completed in approximately one month.


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