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SENNEBOGEN 673 telescopic crawler on slipway development

TweWe-Bau is making good use of a SENNEBOGEN 673 telescopic crane crawler in the construction of a new slipway. Up to 21 m long sheet pile walls are first placed with the crane in order to later be driven into the ground by a vibrator. This is where the robust telescopic crane showcases its strengths.

A new slipway is currently under construction in the North Sea spa town of Neuharlingersiel. The SENNEBOGEN 673 being used by TweWe-Bau for this project operates in up to one meter of water. The development faces the challenge of the tidal range that floods the mudflats on a daily basis. With the new slipway, incoming boats will be towed onto land by a winch or come in under their own power when the area is flooded. With the 673’s telescopic arm, the operator can hoist the long sheet pile walls far out into the sea, and even drive out on the sloped subsoil several meters into the water thanks to the wide-gauge crawler undercarriage.

The machine, which is being leased and was delivered by service and sales partner Tecklenborg Baumaschinen GmbH, is equipped with a powerful 168 kW, emission level 4 diesel engine. With a maximum boom length of 36 meters capable and a load capacity of up to 70 tons, the advantages of the telescopic crane are obvious, as TweWe-Bau site manager Böseleger can confirm. The crawler chassis allows the machine to drive out into the water until it is near the work areas. The full-power boom allows telescoping under even a full load. Böseleger knows that an all-terrain crane would have needed a far greater range and five times the load capacity to complete the work on the mudflats. The full-power boom design means that all boom lengths can be achieved continuously and with the optimal load capacity.The machine from Tecklenborg has convinced operators and supervisors at TweWe-Bau alike. The SENNEBOGEN 673 is even used for a 12-ton vibrator when the 9-ton pile moorings need to be rammed into the ground. All the while the operator has the best view of the work area thanks to the Maxcab comfort cab, which can be tilted by 20 degrees. External cameras and numerous LED spotlights help out when visibility is poor and ensure optimal safety.

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