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SENNEBOGEN 613: telescopic crane on the roof

The Parc des Expositions in Paris is currently expanding its exhibition space. During this undertaking, the company AltéAd Lorlev employs a SENNEBOGEN telescopic crane for the installation work on top of the roof of the exposition hall. Due to its very compact dimensions and minimum ground pressure, the SENNEBOGEN 613 played its trump card.

In the course of the expansion of the exhibition building, new conference rooms will be constructed above the existing hall 7. The future glass roof will be supported by a steel construction. While other cranes were either too large or too heavy in order to work on top of the hall roof, the choice fell on the 613 telescopic crane crawler. The equipment was provided by our French sales and service partner Sygmat. Having a lifting capacity of 16 t and a cab that can be easily raised, plus the option to move components under full load, the SENNEBOGEN 613 was the product of choice.

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