Golden Crane at Moscow’s CTT tradeshow

In early June, the Spanish tower crane manufacturer Linden Comansa temporarily left aside its characteristic blue corporate color. In Moscow’s CTT tradeshow, Linden Comansa exhibited a golden 16LC185 tower crane.

The 16LC185 brings together Linden Comansa’s main advantages:

  • A Flat-Top design without pendant lines.
  • Easy to transport thanks to its paneled tower sections and its compact design.
  • Quickly and easily erected (due to its lightweight components and its assembly system with pins).

Golden CraneAlso this crane features the Effi-Plus high speed hoist mechanisms, the PowerLift system, which improves the load diagram by 10% at reduced speeds, and includes frequency variation in the slewing movement, which decreases potential maintenance problems.

The exhibited crane at Moscow’s Crocus Expo Centre was the medium version of 16LC185, with maximum load capacity of 10 tons, although this same crane is available in versions of 8 and 12 tons. Bashkransnab, official distributor of Linden Comansa in Russia and co-exhibitor at the fair, has sold the crane to a local construction company, who will soon install the crane in a jobsite in the center of Moscow, where it already has several Linden Comansa cranes. Also, many other offers have been done during the show, which Bashkransnab and Linden Comansa expect to be confirmed very soon.


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