Sennebogen 643 M telescopic crawler crane to ZPU (Polland)

A new SENNEBOGEN 643 telescopic crane was delivered by the Polish service and sales partner, BH Ruda Trading, in July of 2014. The pipe manufacturer, Zakład Produkcyjno Usługowy Kazimierz Jońca Sp. z o.o. (ZPU Międzyrzecz), uses the flexible mobile crane for logistics and loading.

As a manufacturer and service provider, ZPU Międzyrzecz is the leading manufacturer of prefabricated insulated pipes in the Polish market. The company plans, produces and services insulated pipes and shaped parts in the ZPU Międzyrzecz system for district heating, hot water and steam networks, as well as pipework for industry.

With the assistance of the new SENNEBOGEN 643 M at its facility in Międzyrzecz, insulated steel pipes up to a diameter of 120 cm are sorted, moved and loaded onto trucks in the storage yard. The compact dimensions along with a reach of up to 43 m make the machine surprisingly small and still able to comfortably handle a large working area. The powerful winch driven by a 128 kW diesel engine can pull up to 40 kN. The robust mobile undercarriage with a 4-point outrigger lends the 643 M a high degree of flexibility. Traveling at speeds of up to 20 km/h, the telescopic crane can be quickly put to use.


In day-to-day use, the machine is easy to service with easily accessible measuring and servicing points. For the driver, the spacious maXcab comfort cabin with a sliding door offers a particularly ergonomic working environment with its air-suspended comfort seat and automated heater/air conditioner. The local sales and service partner, BH Ruda Trading International, handles regular servicing and the supply of replacement parts, and is the go-to contact on-site


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