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Liebherr LTM 1750-9.1 mobile crane operated by Saller shows its efficiency at wind farm

Ehingen / Donau (Germany) February 2016 – Kran Saller GmbH based in Deggendorf in Bavaria, recently erected five wind turbines in five weeks at a wind farm in Dagebüll, Germany, near the Danish border. The heaviest load for the Liebherr LTM 1750-9.1 mobile crane was the rotor star at 61 tonnes which had to be installed at a hub height of 80 metres.

The LTM 1750-9.1, which Saller took delivery of at the Liebherr plant in Ehingen in summer 2014, has already excelled on many occasions with its high capacity and efficiency for the erection of wind turbines. A few weeks ago the 9-axle mobile crane from Bavaria travelled to Northern Friesland to a wind farm in Dagebüll. Once there, within just five weeks it had erected five wind turbines manufactured by Senvion, each with a capacity of 3.4 MW. Seven components had to be installed on each turbine. The heaviest component at 61 tonnes net weight was the rotor star which had to be installed at a hub height of 80 metres.

The LTM 1750-9.1 hoisted this load to a hook height of 90 metres with a radius of 20.5 metres. To tackle this job the 750-tonne mobile crane was equipped with telescopic boom guying, a 15-metre V2 telescopic boom extension, a 35-metre luffing jib and 144 tonnes of ballast. The crane is increasingly replacing the legendary Liebherr LG 1550 lattice boom mobile crane for such work which previously was used to erect and dismantle turbines, and in some cases still is. Saller says that the reason is the greater economy for driving and setting up the new LTM 1750-9.1.

Kran-Saller GmbH is one of the leading heavy load contractors in East Bavaria. Saller operates 29 mobile cranes, most of which were supplied by Liebherr. The company opened for business in 1959 and its partnership with Liebherr has been vital to it from the start. The company has grown steadily and one of main reasons for this has always been its ability to provide customers with a modern fleet of mobile cranes. Saller plans to open additional sites in Rottal-Inn and in Straubing in March 2016.

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