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Range of Hoists Developed for Cranes in Corrosive Environments

Cranes play a crucial role in galvanizing and finishing plants and Street Crane Company, the UK’s largest factory crane and hoist manufacturer, has developed a range of modified hoists to address the corrosive environmental challenges. These are based on the ZX hoist platform, a modern wire rope unit that is now also available suitably upgraded for use in corrosive atmospheres.

Highly aggressive conditions

A significant potential problem for all equipment in galvanizing shops is the presence of highly corrosive degrease and flux agents that produce finely vaporised hydrochloric acid in the atmosphere. Standard finishes and material will not last in such highly aggressive conditions. To overcome this hazard, all steel components are hand finished in a two-part epoxy paint. These epoxy resins are stable and unaffected by a wide spectrum of acids and other aggressive chemicals.


PVC and other standard plastics are prone to accelerated degradation in intensely acidic environments so brass cable glands are used in place of plastic, rubber insulated cable in place of PVC and standard limit switches are replaced with metal bodied components. The trolley brake is fitted with a stainless steel back plate to resist the pitting and corrosion that could otherwise impair brake performance. Rope guides are also modified with the body and block being made from high density white polyethylene.

The motors used on these ZX hoists are specified for purpose and include heavy duty cast iron cooling fans. Care is taken in sealing the hoist brake and overload assembly which is housed in a protective enclosure.


Extensively used by galvanizers and other finishing companies in the UK, Street Crane also export this equipment widely and have users in Finland, Thailand, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and elsewhere. Local service and support is provided by a world-wide network of distributors.

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