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Hitachi Sumitomo introduces SCX1500A-3 crawler crane

Hitachi (HSC) will display the SCX1500A-3 hydraulic crawler crane at Bauma. It has a new design and has been manufactured to comply with Stage IIIB emission regulations.

Specifications SCX1500A-3
Engine rated power: 210kW
Maximum lifting capacity:
Lift crane 150t x 4.5m
Front/rear drum rope line speed: 110m/min
Boom hoist drum rope line speed: 44m/min
Slewing speed: 1.7min-1
Travel speed (high/low): 1.5/0.9km/h
Boom length: 15-75m
Crane jib length: 10-28m
Boom and maximum crane jib length: 63 + 28m

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