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Two UNIC URW-1006 cranes for Spanish firm Amara S.A

As the strongest spider crane on the market, GGR’s 10 ton capacity UNIC URW-1006 mini crane is proving more and more popular for taking on heavy duty lifting operations both in the UK and in Europe. Spanish firm Amara S.A. have recently purchased two UNIC URW-1006 cranes from UNIC Cranes dealer, Spain Crane International.

Both of these impressive machines will be winging their way to an energy provider in the Caribbean region where they will be used in the repair and maintenance of electrical infrastructure networks. A mighty task for two mighty machines!
– Monica Gomez of Amara S.A.

Amara S.A. is a global leader in the distribution of electrical supplies and logistics management with a worldwide network of warehouses and sales offices and a wide international coverage.  They have extensive experience in the industrial, energy, engineering and telecommunications sectors.

Holding the record as the world’s strongest mini spider crane, the UNIC URW-1006 boasts an unrivaled 10 tons of lifting power, can work at a 24.3 meter radius, lift to a 30.7 meter height, and has a 1.5 ton pick and carry capacity. Astoundingly, these powerful machines are just 2 meters wide in their stowed position, retaining class-beating minimal dimensions for working in restricted spaces. Their configurable outriggers provide maximum stability when lifting on uneven surfaces, thanks to their full safety interlocking system. The UNIC URW-1006 is also fitted with a state-of-the-art safe load indicator which gives operator feedback on a high-resolution color LCD screen for safer lifting.


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