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Coming soon: CraneScout, the Online Crane Marketplace

CraneScout is a new platform for buying and selling cranes. Whether you are in the market to sell an existing crane, or looking for a used crane; CraneScout is the place to start!

Post your crane(s) for free. There are no costs attached.
Your ad will be converted to multiple languages for max exposure.
For all types of cranes, from everywhere in the world

What is
CraneScout is an online marketplace where crane companies can post there crane stock. Crane buyers can use the website to find the cranes they are looking for and directly contact the seller.

What makes CraneScout unique?
There are more online marketplace like this. Actually, there are a lot more and that is exactly why CraneScout is created. All these marketplaces ask overdone prices before you can post the cranes. At CraneScout, this will cost nothing, no matter how much cranes you post. And it will be free for everybody, anywhere and anytime.

How can CraneScout be free?
CraneScout is just an online platform, so we almost have no costs. We don’t have account managers or an expensive magazine. It’s just an advanced website which every crane company can use to post their cranes. And in order to become the number one, the site will always be free.

How will CraneScout gain revenue?
On the CraneScout homepage is a bar that highlights some cranes. Being placed in this bar the highlighted cranes will gain extra attention. The highlighted cranes will also be mentioned in the e-mail newsletter for extra publicity.

How do the multiple languages work?
When posting a crane, most fields are predefined options. So when somebody selects ‘Very good condition’, the Dutch website will show ‘Zeer goede staat’. This is ideal for buying and selling cranes beyond your country’s borders.

When will CraneScout go live?
CraneScout is currently finalizing the website and looking for beta testers. Interested in testing the website?
Please contact Maarten Zijlmans,
All beta testers will receive a free advertising package on CraneScout or

On you can fill in your email address and you will be informed when the website goes live.

Maarten Zijlmans

Passionate about Internet and cranes, Maarten Zijlmans founded He is the main editor with the goal of making CraneMag the #1 online cranes magazine.

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