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Terex SuperLift 3800 (650T class) in action for Aertssen

In the beginning of November 2014, a brand new heavy lift crawler crane was delivered to Belgium-based Aertssen. After delivery, The Terex SuperLift 3800 (650T class) was  directly mobilized to the construction yard of a wind farm in the Port of Antwerp. The wind farm consists of 5 wind mills, of which 3 were erected with one of Aertssen’s Terex CC2800 (600T class). The 4th is from the type Enercon E92 with a hub height of 138m and was erected with the SL 3800 in configuration with 141m main boom + 12m LF3. The 5th wind mill will be erected in the near future. The owner, developer and operator of the wind farm is the company Vleemo.

Luckily, the construction yard of the 4th wind mill was only 2 km away from Aertssen’s head offices, so they could enjoy the lifting progress from behind their desks.

The fifth wind mill will also be erected by the SL3800. Afterwards, the crane  will be moved to the Total Refinery in Antwerp, where it will help construct the Optara project →.

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