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Linden Comansa’s luffers win the Jackpot in Las Vegas

Successful participation of the tower crane manufacturer at the ConExpo trade show, receiving a large number of visitors and potential new customers interested in knowing the luffing-jib product line.

The most important fairs in each sector tend to be a thermometer of the market situation. The ConExpo trade show in Las Vegas was no exception, and the 2017 edition was a true reflection of the thriving sector of construction machinery in the United States and Canada, including the tower crane market.

Linden Comansa landed in Las Vegas exhibiting a luffing-jib tower crane for the first time, model LCL310 with 24 tonnes of maximum load (52,910 lb). This crane proved to be a great claim to attract numerous visitors, interested in knowing not only this model in particular, but also the wide range of luffing-jib tower cranes by Linden Comansa, which was completed last February with the launch of the LCL700. This new crane is the largest luffer offered so far by Linden Comansa (up to 64 tonnes / 141,090 lb) and has great potential in the North American market, where the demand of heavy cranes for projects in confined spaces is increasing.

According to Bill Carbeau, Vice President of Business Development at Linden Comansa America, “the idea of displaying the LCL310 was a hit. It helped us realize that many North American customers did not know that Linden Comansa offers a wide range of luffing-jib tower cranes, with 14 different models, and thanks to featuring one of them in Las Vegas we made the market aware of that product line. We received a lot of inquiries and requests for quotes for our luffing-jib cranes, which we hope will begin to bear fruit throughout the year. For the moment, the exhibited LCL310 crane will be offered for rent in the Seattle and Portland area, and a similar model was sold to rental company Alliance Universelle, based in Montreal, Canada. The show was also a great venue to reach concrete contractors who only buy tower cranes occasionally for specific projects and those meetings should result in additional sales for us”.

“Flat-Top tower cranes will remain a greater success for us in North America”, says Martín Echevarría, Sales Director at Linden Comansa. “Several sales of our most popular cranes in the region, models 21LC450 and 21LC550 with capacity of up to 25 tonnes (55,120 lb), were confirmed at ConExpo. We also met with many clients from Latin America, where cranes from our mid-range are most common, like the 16LC260 with maximum load capacity of up to 12 tonnes (26,460 lb). And we even received visits by qualified customers from Europe, Asia and Africa. When compared to other editions, ConExpo 2017 had a significant increase in the number of clients and potential customers who visited our booth, which is a reflection not only of the optimism that reigns in the U.S. market, but also of a better situation in the global market in general”.


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