Meet us at Bauma: Unique possibilities for the crane sector

Bauma is the world’s largest trade fair in the construction industry. We will be present to represent CraneMag and to promote our soon to be launched platform: CraneScout. A third platform will follow afterwards, which will probably have a high impact in the crane hire market.

Possibilities for crane sector
If you working in the crane sector, there is a high probability that you can benefit from one of our platforms.
Interested in free exposure on Or are you’re in the market to upgrade your crane fleet?

Let’s meet!
Want to schedule a meeting with CraneMag and CraneScout for April 12, 13 or 14?
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    Maarten Zijlmans

    Passionate about Internet and cranes, Maarten Zijlmans founded He is the main editor with the goal of making CraneMag the #1 online cranes magazine.

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