Successful Bauma 2013 for Raimondi Cranes

To match the event, 15 of Raimondi’s staff from various countries were at Bauma 2013. They were accompanied by agents and representatives from every continent. Raimondi Cranes left Bauma with the addition of 2 new representatives: Promech Resources, responsible for Thailand and JRM responsible for Morocco.

The cranes that Raimondi had on exhibit were:

  • The new MRT144 with 8 tonne single reeving with gearless hoisting motor which was sold to our dealer for Switzerland Mr Teixeira of Interkran, and
  • The MRT111 counter-jib displayed at ground level, which was acquired by Mr Ibrahimiye of Akem Group, our Turkish dealer.

Much interest was shown in the products. So far, Raimondi has the following results in terms of sales:

  • 21 Raimondi cranes were ordered by Interkran. 6x MRT111, 10x MRT144, 2x MRT223 and 3x MRT294
  • Akem Group ordered a total of 7x MRT144 and 11x MRT111.
  • 4x MRT111 were ordered by JRM our new agents for Morocco.
  • 5x MRT111 were sold to a Saudi Arabian client, Mr Fouzan.
  • Various others are still in a negotiation phase with existing or new clients.

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