ALE has installed 700 ton Marquardt Bridge

ALE has installed Marquardt Bridge, situated near Berlin, Germany, in at the end of April 2015. The new bridge, which is a 700t bow, was replacing an old bridge.

The global heavylifting specialists were contracted to install the arc bridge measuring 100m long, 15m wide and 18m high across the Marquardt River.

The execution of the project was engineered in ten phases using SPMTS, skidding plates, strandjacks and climbing jacks to launch and install the bridge.

The bridge was launched over skidding plates in several stages, with the assistance of a pontoon to enable the floatover operation. The bridge was taken over by two 285t climbing jacks on each side of the river. The bridge was then jacked down onto its final position.

Tom Van De Locht, ALE’s Project Engineer for the project, said: “We have close contacts with bridge constructors throughout Germany and have launched over 100 different bridges.

“This was our third consecutive bridge installation in April with the same team and equipment. Because of our experience and teamwork, we can deliver the innovative engineering and quality standards our clients expect.”

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