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Konecranes offers a wide range of cranes, lift trucks and services leading to increased productivity in ports. As the requirements for container handling in ports, terminals, freight depots and waterways are extensive and very strict, many tasks need individual and efficient solutions for transportation and lifting.­ Based on many years of experience in this area, Konecranes develops and manufactures tailor made, high performance port cranes and heavy lift trucks.­ In addition, service, maintenance and repair by Konecranes offer essential advantages helping to improve the availability and longevity of cranes and lifting equipment.

The portfolio by Konecranes for use in ports covers a very wide range and extends from portal cranes via components up to and including heavy lift ­trucks. The company also offers services for lifting equipment­ as well as crane and machine tools of all makes. The service network ­is tightly interlaced and, due to its proximity to customers, guarantees a fast response and efficient transportation processes.

RTG cranes

Productivity increase due to efficient transportation solutions – the design of the rubber tire gantry cranes (RTG) by Konecranes for container handling is an excellent example for this. The RTG cranes do not only meet the usual performance specifications, they also offer as series standard many innovative functions which increase performance and reliability whilst simultaneously decreasing maintenance costs. The RTG cranes offer all drive options required: depending on the actual business plan and requirements Diesel-electric-hybrid drive system or a purely electric drive system.

High performance without hydraulics: Neither for driving nor for swaying movement control and fine positioning of the spreader do the RTG cranes by Konecranes require any hydraulic systems. This is a considerable advantage increasing reliability as well as decreasing downtimes and costs for maintenance and replacement parts – above all in the case of the extreme operating conditions found in ports.

Giant Goliath cranes

Konecranes is not only a worldwide leading supplier of all types of port cranes for container handling but also for shipyard cranes and bulk goods ­handling. The giant Goliath shipyard cranes, ship-to-shore cranes and cranes for bulk goods handling impress with their very considerable size and performance capacity. A particular example for this is provided by the largest Goliath crane in the world, built by Konecranes for a Brazilian shipyard. The dimensions and performance data speak for themselves: It has a span of 210 meters, a height of 117 meters and can handle 2000 tonnes. This is a productivity increase­ in Konecranes style – featuring extraordinary dimensions

Robust and environmentally friendly

The solutions by Konecranes Lifttrucks for ports, terminals and freight depots are a good example for the fact that even stackers can be extremely productive and efficient in port operation. The range comprises container stackers, RoRo special stackers, reach stackers as well as forklift trucks for general cargo. The container stacker range includes full and empty container stackers for lift loads between 8 to 45 tonnes as well as forklift trucks for lift loads between 10 to 65 tonnes. The reach stackers have been designed for an efficient load handling from 10 to 80 tonnes.

Future orientation and sustainability are Konecranes objectives so as to continue to remain one of the worldwide leading stacker manufacturers. How seriously these values are taken is shown by the Konecranes Lifttrucks hybrid reach stacker with a lifting capacity of 45 tonnes for container handling. The worldwide first reach stacker with Diesel/electric hybrid drive, electrified hydraulic lifting system and energy reservoir reduces fuel consumption and emissions by at least 30 per cent.

Service performance for transparent and efficient processes

Under the premise “Ser­vice is not an end in itself but one of the most important aspects with regard to increasing the efficiency and productivity of transportation processes at the customer site“, Konecranes offers via its global service network specialized maintenance and modernization services for cranes and tools of all types.
In this regard, transparent consumption and usage data are also important; these can be acquired in connection with the service­ offers by Konecranes – such as the rope inspection RopeQ, runway survey RailQ, reliability analysis CRS (Crane Reliability Study) or the use of TRUCONNECT remote services. Just as maintenance and repair­, these service offers by Konecranes help improve the availability and longevity of cranes and lifting equipment.

For example, TRUCONNECT allows detailed online monitoring of the use of heavy lift trucks: amongst other things fuel­ consumption as well as duration, routes or weights of various different container handlings. The work ­pro­cesses can be handled more efficiently with TRUCONNECT, saving time and costs. In addition, it can increase availability, safety and sustainability of reach stackers and container stackers.


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