Konecranes’ experience serving the power industry.

Cranes and lifting equipment are an important aspect at power generation plants, especially during the erection phase. To attend the unique demands of the power industry, cranes and lifting equipment must be able to operate in demanding environments with precision, safety, and absolute reliability. Konecranes provides lifting solutions for all types of power plants – from a traditional coal power plant to a massive hydro power plant or a remote wind farm.

Product range

Konecranes customizes the cranes to deliver the utility and features required for the productive operation of a power generation facility. The range comprises, among others:

  • Turbine hall cranes that facilitate the installation and accurate adjustment of turbines, generators and auxiliaries
  • Coal handling cranes with clamshell buckets
  • Compact, lightweight chain hoists that provide fast hoisting speeds inside wind turbine nacelles
  • Intake gantry cranes for lifting the gates of hydroelectric dams
  • SMARTON® maintenance cranes
  • CXT® cranes for workshops, as well as jib cranes and monorails for smaller lifting tasks

Smart Solutions

Apart from the wide range of lifting equipment, Konecranes also offers patented Smart Solutions. These technologies include Sway Control, Micro Speed, and Inching that simplify crane operation, elevating safety and productivity.

Konecranes also greatly lowers the risk of equipment breakdowns through preventive maintenance programs that are customized to operational requirements. Konecranes’ patented TRUCONNECT® Remote Monitoring and Reporting service, for example, continually keeps track of the usage and condition of the lifting equipment.

Konecranes creates high-value applications to cover the needs of the different kinds of power facilities.

Hydro Power Cranes

Konecranes provides cranes for hydro power plants, such as turbine hall cranes, intake, and draft tube gantry cranes. The product range varies with hydro power stations cranes for up to 1000 tons and with maintenance and workshop cranes for 1 to 80 tons.

Thermal Power Cranes

Konecranes provides cranes for all kinds of thermal power plants, such as turbine hall cranes and boiler room cranes and hoists. The product range varies with thermal power stations cranes for up to 1000 tons and with maintenance and workshop cranes for 1 to 80 tons.

Wind turbine electric chain hoist

Konecranes supplies a light-weight and compact electric hoist for wind turbine applications. The tXN Electric Chain Hoist is mounted within the nacelle of the turbine. Using the hoist for service applications allows maintenance staff to safely raise and lower turbine appliances for repair or replacement.


In addition, Konecranes offers maintenance services as well as spare parts, and also modernizations of all makes. Worldwide service by Konecranes minimizes ownership costs and helps achieve the highest life-cycle value through decades of experience in power generation.

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