KoneCranes’ breakthrough in NY waste handling

Konecranes has made a breakthrough into a new area after receiving an order for container handling cranes for use in waste handling. The order, received in September 2013, was placed by NYCT (New York Container Terminal) and includes two RTGs and two RMG cranes. The cranes will be used for moving containers of solid waste from New York City. The cranes will be delivered to NYCT’s terminal on Staten Island by the end of 2014.

This is a very exciting contract for us, a breakthrough in fact, and will open up a new business segment for our container handling cranes

– Jussi Suhonen, Konecranes’ Sales Director

The purchase of the cranes is part of New York City’s solid waste management program. Waste from the city will be packed into specially designed containers and transported via barge over the Hudson River to NYCT’s Staten Island terminal. The new Konecranes RMGs will unload the sealed containers at the terminal, where the RTG cranes will then load them onto trains. The containers will be transported to specific energy-from-waste facilities.

The cranes, which have been specially designed for heavy-duty operation and have a lifting capacity of 50 tons, will include advanced features such as Konecranes Active Load Control (PDF), which enhances personnel safety and improves terminal productivity. The value of the order is not being disclosed.


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