Terex model 5 and three reach stackers to Lübeck Cargo Terminal (DE)

Terex Port Solutions (TPS) has received an order for a TerexGottwald Model 5 mobile harbour crane and three Terex CS45 KS reach stackers from Hans Lehmann KG based in Lübeck. The machines will start commercial operation by the middle of December in time for the opening of the newly designed Cargo Terminal Lübeck (CTL) on the north bank of the River Trave. The G HMK 5506 crane will primarily provide efficient container handling but it is also suitable for handling particularly heavy project cargo. The three reach stackers will take over the management of the container stackyard and handle swap bodies. One of the three reach stackers is equipped with a piggyback spreader for handling swap bodies while the others are fitted with standard spreaders.

Potential for many different types of terminals

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The Gottwald G HMK 5506 crane with its diesel-electric drive and three-phase current technology provides a strong lifting capacity curve and a maximum lifting capacity of 125 tonnes. It also has a radius of up to 51 meter and a maximum lifting speed of 120 meter/min. Lehmann will use the crane alongside vessels with up to ten container rows. The wide lifting radius allows the operator particular flexibility when positioning the crane on the quay. The high lifting capacity and strong lifting capacity curve also open up the possibility for Lehmann to handle particularly heavy project cargo and offers the potential to enter into new business areas on the Baltic Sea. The reach stackers travel at up to 25 kph, have a wheelbase of 6.5 meter and can stack high cube containers up to five high. They provide maximum lifting capacity of 45 tonnes under the standard spreader, lifting speeds of up to 0.34 meter/s and are fitted with an electronic weighing and safety system among other state-of-the-art features.

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly handling

“The G HMK 5506 is a crane that provides us with all the technical and ergonomic functions and equipment features that we require for cost-effective and environmentally friendly cargo handling in our terminals”

– CEO Holger Lehmann.

Model 5 cranes were developed predominantly for terminal operators who are looking for a high-performance and appropriately equipped mobile harbour crane. They combine the functional and compact design of the medium-sized crane family from TPS with the operational capabilities of the large crane family – a combination that also impressed Lehmann. A further argument for awarding the contract to TPS was the comprehensive product range combined with the high level of consulting competence, Lehmann continues: “From the beginning, we had the impression that Terex Port Solutions, thanks to its comprehensive portfolio, would work with us to find the right solution for our terminal, consisting of the crane and reach stackers, whereby it is a crucial advantage for us to obtain all handling equipment from a single source.”

Coordinated products, short communication channels, fast delivery

Klaus Peter Hoffmann, Vice President & Managing Director of TPS, also sees the comprehensive product range as the trump card of TPS, which customers appreciate more and more: “A manufacturer that can offer a complete package based on state-of-the-art technology creates short communication channels that saves time for its customers.” As a holistic supplier, TPS supplies products that work together and produce an integrated whole solution: “We not only have the most comprehensive product range for port handling equipment on the market, but we can develop customized solutions for customers for all aspects of their terminals. And thanks to our advance order program, for mobile harbour cranes for example, we can also deliver our solutions quickly,” states Hoffmann. Hans Lehmann KG’s port services division provides a full range of port-related services at its four multi-functional terminals offering berthing length of more than 2,500 meter. The Lübeck company founded in 1926 is firmly established in the port business in North Germany.


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