Mammoet is now operating the complete range of Liebherr crawler cranes

The new 1,000-tonner fits perfectly into the Mammoet fleet for global hoisting work and projects.

The purchase of the new 1000 t LR 11000 crawler crane means that the crane and heavy transport contractor Mammoet now has the full range of Liebherr crawler cranes in its fleet. Its fleet now extends from the 350 tonne LR 1350/1, the LR 1400/2, LR 1600/2, LR 1750 and LR 11350 machines to the new LR 13000 with a load capacity of 3000 tonnes. Mammoet also operates a Liebherr LG 1750 lattice boom mobile crane.

Its wide range of boom systems and compact dimensions means that the LR 11000 is extremely versatile within the 1,000 tonne class and the PowerBoom also ordered by Mammoet upgrades it to the 1,300 tonne class in the form of the LR 11000-P1300. The great flexibility was one of the main criteria behind the decision to buy the new crane. In fact Mammoet ordered the LR 11000 with a full configuration including the P-boom.

The picture above shows Jan Klein (CEO) and Herman Smit (COO) of Mammoet visited the Liebherr exhibition stand at the Bauma with their whole team.




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