New Corporate video HCME (Hitachi Construction Machinery Europa)

HCME (Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe) presented its new corporate movie. Although the crane division is part of HCME, there are no cranes in this video. Nevertheless it’s a nice video which tells more about HCME and where it stands for.

The movie follows the theme of ‘One word’. Hitachi employees in Japan and Europe, as well as Hitachi dealers and customers were are asked to describe Hitachi in one word. The answer unfolds as the movie features footage from:

  • The Hitachi Construction Machinery headquarters in Tokyo
  • The ‘mother factory’ Tsuchiura Works.
  • HCME’s facilities in Amsterdam and Oosterhout in The Netherlands
  • A  wide range of customers operating their Hitachi machines.



Maarten Zijlmans

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