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Four Liebherr duty cycle crawler cranes for German company “Kiesabbau Wiedemann

Nenzing (Austria) February 2016 – Liebherr recently won a major contract in the
gravel extraction industry which is outstanding for the German market. The
company “Kiesabbau Wiedemann” based in Southern Germany opted for three
HS 8070 HD and one HS 895 HD Liebherr duty cycle crawler cranes. All four
machines are configured for dragline operation.

The investment in Liebherr duty cycle crawler cranes to enlarge its fleet opens up new
opportunities for “Kiesabbau Wiedemann”, a company active throughout Europe. The
HS 895 HD is a powerful machine in the 200-tonne class. Thanks to its solid steel
construction and its strong 12 cylinder 670 kW / 912 hp diesel engine the duty cycle
crawler crane is perfectly suitable for material handling tasks with dragline bucket but
also as carrier machine for various other applications.

The HS 8070 HD belongs to the latest generation of Liebherr duty cycle crawler
cranes. It is equipped with a 320 kW / 435 hp diesel engine complying with the exhaust
emission standards stage IV / Tier 4f. A remarkable benefit of this crane is its low fuel
consumption, which is achieved by both its optimized hydraulic system and the Eco
Silent Mode. This function lowers the engine speed to a predefined, required level.
Hence, a notable reduction in diesel consumption can be achieved without any impact
on operational output. In particular, the emission standard allows the safe use of the
duty cycle crawler cranes in low emission zones.

„The low fuel consumption of the HS 8070 HD is exceptional. With a handling capacity
of 300 t per hour the machine requires up to 30% less diesel than comparable models
of the same size”, says technical director Florian Wiedemann, impressed by the duty
cycle crawler cranes’ efficiency.

All newly acquired machines can be used for dragline and grab operation, demolition
work as well as for mobile crane operation. Delivery of the four duty cycle crawler
cranes started a few months ago and will be completed within the next weeks by
delivering the last of the three HS 8070 HD units.


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