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Airport construction in Singapore: Flexible 120 t telescopic crawler crane in use

The expansion of Singapore Changi Airport with an additional, fifth terminal is in full progress. This is being led by a joint venture of the construction companies Penta-Ocean and Koon Construction. For the first time in Asia, a new SENNEBOGEN 6113 is being used in the form of a 120 t telescopic crawler crane for a wide variety of lifting work.

The SENNEBOGEN telescopic cranes have been used very successfully by numerous construction companies in Singapore for many years. Compact dimensions and the flexible telescopic boom not only make the cranes flexible helpers at construction sites; the full-power boom also allows them to be telescoped under load. With the SENNEBOGEN 6113, the largest telescopic crane with a safe working load of 120 t is now also being used in the large-scale project of Changi Airport in Singapore for the first time.

The machine, which Aly Energy delivered at the end of 2015 and looks after as a sales and service partner, goes to a prestigious large-scale project for its first application. Changi Airport in Singapore is already an infrastructural hub for passenger transportation in Asia today. By 2020, the airport is to be expanded to a capacity of 135 million passengers per year with the new terminal 5. The initial work is currently being carried out on the buildings, and around 40 km of roads and traffic routes are in planning to connect the new, third runway.

Full-power boom and easy moving under load for maximum flexibility

The 120 t SENNEBOGEN telescopic crane is optimally suited especially for unloading and positioning heavy precast concrete parts. Thanks to the continuously telescopable full-power boom with a length of 40.2 m, it is not only possible to place the components safely but to telescope under load as well. In addition, the crane can be flexibly moved over the extensive construction site with up to 100% of the rated load using the powerful crawler traveling gear. The 6113 telescopic crane is thus much more than just a heavy-duty crane for positioning components. A further advantage compared to conventional AT cranes is the high maneuverability and extremely short set-up time. The crane can therefore be used variably and easily in different places and construction phases as well as set up and taken down with little effort due to its self-assembly system.


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