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ALE completes incremental aqueduct launch in Argentina

ALE has successfully completed the incremental launch of a concrete aqueduct of 11,200t in the Province of Córdoba, Argentina.

ALE started launching the aqueduct, comprised of 44 voussoir sections, in August 2015 reaching a total length of 1,100m and was completed in a period of eight months.  

The typical incremental section measured 25m length and weighed 250t, and was launched every 10 days. The 23rd voussoir section weighed 5,750t and measured 575m long, was launched in June and represented one the longest structures to ever be launched in a single operation.

Each incremental section was launched by linking it on its back and moved using two 200t strand jacks and two 190t jacking systems. Once the manoeuvre was complete, a new section was constructed and the ALE equipment linked it on its back again. Every manoeuvre took almost five hours to be complete.

Hernan Asensio, ALE Project Manager, said: “This project represented a huge challenge for us, considering the sheer weight and dimensions of the structure. We are very proud to have been involved in such a landmark project.”


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