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Compact telescopic crane from SENNEBOGEN is increasingly replacing revolving tower cranes on Aggerbau building sites

The revolving tower crane is OUT- the mobile telescopic crane is IN. This is how the company, Aggerbau, from Northern Germany is summarizing the development of building sites. This is essentially due to greater flexibility and simple practicability amongst building sites.

Aggerbau GmbH & Co. KG has developed not only very dynamically in domestic house building in Northern Germany but also in commercial properties and office buildings. The reason for their increasing success is down to the meticulous planning of their building sites and their logistics – and as a company motto this means “enjoyment in construction” for both the company and the developers. 

Director, Jens Agger, explains what has changed in the processes and what effect that had on the essential work equipment.

“Enjoyment in construction” means that a building site can be set up and completed quickly. We have given ourselves the goal of being able to significantly reduce the time for completing a detached house. And we have achieved that. With our current processes we ensure that an average building site takes only three weeks – significantly shorter then before. This includes the base plate as well as the complete walls and rooms until handed over to the roofing contractor. In order to be as quick as we can, we plan every building site in such detail that the processes are on the one hand very fluid and on the other nothing must be transshipped or handled several times.”

Additionally, the existing work equipment had to be reconsidered. At Aggerbau a long time was spent in the revolving tower crane. These times have passed because this crane concept did not display enough flexibility and the assembly and disassembly also took too long. Today Jens Agger uses the SENNEBOGEN 16 t telescopic crane 613 in his work which he also already takes from site to site. 
“We have many small building sites and the precise planning of operations is very important. We lift all light and heavy building materials with the telescopic crane and is thus very flexible at the same time . That is important to achieve the construction of shells as quickly as possible.”

Peter Koll is experienced in handling the telescopic crane 613 and operates this almost exclusively with the remote radio control. He occasionally operates two building sites from the same location of the crane at the same time.  He is very satisfied with the range and lifting height and one person is absolutely sufficient to sling the load and to operate. He can no longer imagine using anything else other than the telescopic crane as this simplifies many processes and speeds things up.

Jens Agger is happy with both telescopic cranes 613 and is even considering purchasing a third machine. “I am a business man and make precise calculations, and the large investment in these machines has already paid off. I know exactly what the machine costs me on the day and that can be completely planned. Therefore both cranes are not just economically speaking the best purchase I have ever made. They also look good since our corporate color is green, just like SENNEBOGEN.”

Aggerbau are looked after by the service partner, Friedrich Niemann, from Kiel who have worked with Aggerbau for over 20 years. 


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