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Four SENNEBOGEN cranes in use in Algeria: 6113 is the latest addition to SAPTA’s machinery pool

Algerian customer SAPTA, a specialist in bridge construction, is currently using four SENNEBOGEN cranes at the same time near Algiers. The crawler- and telescopic cranes lift heavy construction parts weighing up to 60 t. The latest of these cranes is a SENNEBOGEN 6113 telescopic crawler crane with a capacity for 120 t.

As a long-standing customer, SAPTA has trusted the reliable cranes from SENNEBOGEN for many years. Previously, the company had held on to its traditional concept when it came to machinery and had purchased two 80 t SENNEBOGEN 2200 crawler cranes. During the past two years, sales and service partner EURL SM Maintenance supplied the construction company with a 683 telescopic crane and lately a 120 t telescopic crawler crane of type 6113. All four machines have now been utilized simultaneously during a bridge building project.

Precise positioning of heavy construction parts made easy thanks to Full-Power Boom

During the construction phase, large-sized structural parts up to 40 m long and weighing up to 60 t needed to be lifted into place. Being able to travel and move easily under load, this is where the telescopic cranes proved their worth. With a maximum load capacity of 120 t and a maximum reach of up to 40.2 m, especially the Full-Power Boom of the new SENNEBOGEN 6113 clearly shows its capacity here. Thanks to joystick control, telescoping even under load is fast and easy. The proven multi-cylinder system ensures that any boom position can be approached smoothly and without interruption. While crawler cranes can be operated only in one specified boom configuration, telescopic crawler cranes prove to be true all-rounders. The boom can be set up in any position within minutes, the chassis can be extended and retracted to achieve narrow track widths during driving or a large outrigger area in lifting operation, and transport is also done in a space-saving way thanks to the self-assembly system.

For the responsible people at SAPTA, the reliable SENNEBOGEN cranes are the means of choice for bridge construction. They have particular praise for the sturdy, durable structure, high quality of all components, and easy accessibility for maintenance and servicing. The sales and service partner, EURL SM Maintenance, handles the regular servicing and ensures a fast supply of replacement parts.


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