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Job site report: SENNEBOGEN 690 HD in action at Eurosond

In the vicinity of Straubing, Germany, Eurosond successfully used a SENNEBOGEN 690 HD with diaphragm wall grab for flood control on the Danube.

Flood control

The German national government and federal states have initiated a 5.4 billion euro investment program for flood control on Germany’s rivers. After the flood of the century in 2013, construction has been underway in Lower Bavaria for some time. Dike rehabilitation is a central issue in the Gäuboden region. On the Straubing banks of the Danube, the civil engineering specialist Eurosond is currently upgrading the dikes with an inner seal. The inner seal consists of a diaphragm wall 8 – 16 m deep in the center of the dike. It ensures stability and provides sealing. In addition, the different depths of the seal enable circulation of the ground water. In mid 2014, the SENNEBOGEN sales and service partner IBS was able to deliver a SENNEBOGEN 690 HD for these tasks.


The duty cycle crawler crane is equipped with a 16.5 t Stein diaphragm wall grab. It threads itself into a prepared track and excavates a trench along the dike, section by section. Parallel to this, a diaphragm wall compound is filled in that stabilizes the walls from the inside during the work in the dike, protects the wall profile, and hardens later. For the frequent slewing movements when the material is loaded onto tractor trailers for removal transport, the 690 duty cycle crawler crane has an additionally reinforced slewing ring, which also safely accommodates dynamic tasks. Two powerful slewing drives enable slewing speeds up to 4 rpm. Robust technology and a strong construction such as the 800 mm 3-grouser base plates are necessary for this highly-dynamic load. In addition, the powerful Cummins engine that provides 608 hp at 1800 rpm makes the machine ideally equipped for these types of use. The diaphragm wall grab is operated with the two 25 ton freefall winches.

In addition to the high capacity, the SENNEBOGEN 690 remains compact and easy to transport. Thanks to the telescopic crawler running gear and operating weight of less than 100 t, the machine can be easily and safely transported on a flat-bed truck, the most economical means of transport for machines of this class. The advantages of the telescopic crawler running gear and the compact overall design are really brought to bear in confined conditions. For the operator, the comfortable Maxcab offers maximum comfort with its air-suspended seat and automatic climate control, as well as an optimal overview of the work area due to extensive glazing. The operator can rely on multiple surroundings cameras to keep the machines and the entire work area in view at all times. The operator can perform simple maintenance tasks on his own, thanks to the logical arrangement and central measurement and lubrication points. The sales and service partner IBS handles regular customer service with a nationwide service network.


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