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The runner-up of the 2016 UEFA Champions League Final, Club Atlético de Madrid of Spain, has planned to quit playing at the “Vicente Calderón” stadium at the end of the 2016-2017 football season (soccer). Leaving this mythical venue, its home field since 1966, would be very difficult to understand for the fans if it wasn’t because the new stadium will be simply spectacular. Furthermore, the new stadium will have capacity for approximately 68,000 spectators, 13,000 more than the “Vicente Calderón”, and will have more and better services for the fans, more parking spaces, etc.

The new stadium, yet without an official name, is being built since 2011 at the East of the capital city of Spain, and has counted on the assistance of five Linden Comansa cranes, property of GRUYMSA and rented to construction company FCC. GRUYMSA (Grúas y Maquinaria S.A.) is official dealer of Linden Comansa and one of the main tower crane rental companies in Spain.

A previous stadium which opened in 1994 was the base of the new venue. It was part of the Olympic bids that Madrid made without fortune, and only had a single but large stand. Most of this stand was integrated into the new project, so the main tasks of the tower cranes have been preparing the foundations and building the new stands that now completely close the stadium.

From the five Linden Comansa cranes installed by GRUYMSA at the site, three are model LC2074 and two are model 21LC290, all of them with 12 tons of maximum load capacity. GRUYMSA began the erection of the cranes in July 2013, but due to the proximity of the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas International Airport, the cranes were not able to be installed with their final height until the arrival of a special permission from AESA, the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency. Finally, GRUYMSA could successfully climb the cranes to their final heights, being 52.1 metre tall the smallest, and 69.6 the highest.

Four of the Linden Comansa cranes from GRUYMSA, as well as other two tower cranes from FCC’s machinery park that also worked on the project, have already finished their duties in the stadium and have just been dismantled. A Linden Comansa 21LC290 is the only tower crane that remains now at the venue, but will be removed in the upcoming weeks. Then, FCC will begin to build a spectacular roof that will allow 96% of the Atlético de Madrid fans to enjoy the games under cover, and that will give the iconic touch that only the best stadiums of the world have.

GRUYMSA (Grúas y Maquinaria S.A.) has a rental fleet of more than 250 Linden Comansa tower cranes and has been part of some of Madrid’s most relevant projects, like the Torre de Cristal tower, the airport’s Terminal 4, the expansion of the Reina Sofía Museum, the refurbishment of the Prado Museum or the construction of the headquarters of multinationals like Telefónica or BBVA. Its full range of cranes and services (preliminary studies, technical consultancy, maintenance tasks, crane erections, etc.) also allowed GRUYMSA to work in large projects in other points of the Spanish geography, like the La Fe Hospital in Valencia or the Zapateros Dam in Albacete.


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