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Reliable SENNEBOGEN crawler cranes prove their worth at port construction site on the Bosporus

Heavy-duty operation under extreme conditions – the perfect framework conditions for crawler cranes. Convinced by the SENNEBOGEN crawler crane concept, Özüaydin Crane relies on six SENNEBOGEN crawler cranes.

True teamwork: Özüaydin Crane has put six SENNEBOGEN crawler cranes to work at a major port construction site in Istanbul. Founded in 1982, the company is today one of the leading logistics company in Turkey, specializing in port management. The six crawler cranes include two models 5500 and one model 3300 of the E-series.

Both machine types feature a robust Star-Lifter crawler undercarriage. Thanks to the innovative self-assembly system, the machines can assemble themselves on site in just a few steps. Powerful winches rated at 160 kN and rope speeds of up to 105 m/min make sure that operation is swift. Safe hoisting even on difficult ground is a key requirement for this operation. The uneven ground at the construction site in the port is often very challenging. This is where SENNEBOGEN relies on touch-and-feel: the sensitive control guarantees the safe positioning of the load at any time. The state-of-the-art maXcab comfort cabs allow operators optimal visibility of the work area – and also provide a stunning view over the port of Istanbul. The customer is supported by long-term SENNEBOGEN business and sales partner Forsen Machinery.


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