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SENNEBOGEN 655 HD at WSA Aschaffenburg

A new SENNEBOGEN 655 HD duty cycle crawler crane has recently been deployed by the Aschaffenburg Water and Shipping Authority. Positioned on a multi-purpose ferry, the machine lifts steel plates, several tons in weight, for maintenance of the Offenbach lock Chambers.

The Aschaffenburg Water and Shipping Authority (WSA) as a federal authority is responsible for the maintenance of the Main federal waterway, from the mouth in the Rhine upstream to river kilometer 185.2. The 15 lock operating points, in particular, require regular maintenance and inspection. For this purpose, the WSA has extensive machinery, which, since July 2014 has been supplemented with a new SENNEBOGEN 655 HD duty cycle crawler crane. The machine with an extensive range of special equipment was especially designed for use on the so-called multi-purpose ferry “Muräne” by the specialist department Mechanical Engineering – South.

For more information, see the press release.


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