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Spanish Crane Rental Firm Scores with Modulift

Spanish crane rental company Gruas Deca S.A. has rigged a mobile crane with a one-over-two below-the-hook solution from Modulift to replace roof sections at Estadio Municipal de Balaídos, the stadium of La Liga football club Celta Vigo.

The 650t Terex Demag crane with 60m telescopic boom was used with a MOD 110H and two MOD 70H spreader beams to remove concrete tiles weighing 85t each that have sheltered fans from the Spanish sun and other elements since 1969. The project was overseen by engineering and construction company Pescaira, which had to complete removal of the old roof in a three-week period as part of a larger scope of work scheduled for the football close season.

Juan Landesa, general manger, Pescaira, said: “The crane and below-the-hook equipment combined to form a crucial tool to the safe and efficient removal of the roof. We worked closely with Gruas Deca to implement a thorough lift plan to ensure we didn’t encounter any unforeseen problems onsite when we were up against the strict time schedule. The specifications of the job were very unique and its success demonstrated the potential for us to combine with the companies involved on future complex lifting applications.”

Miguel Galego, technical director, Gruas Deca, consulted Modulift on the appropriate below-the-hook equipment, given the challenging dimensions of the tiles that measured 21m x 8m x 5.6m and were made of reinforced concrete in situ almost 50 years ago.

The MOD 110H was used at 7m length and the MOD 70H units at 3m. The spreader beams combined with two polyester round slings with a safe working load of 80t and eight 40mm endless wire rope slings. Steel supports in the construction of the roof sections facilitated the attachment of the wire slings using shackles.

During the dismantling process, each roof tile was detached from adjoining sections and supporting pillars, but only after the rigging was connected to each tile and the crane operator ready to take control of the lifting operation. A guide rope was used to support lowering procedures. The crane could complete three lifts with the outriggers in one position before it was de-rigged and moved to the next location.

Serafim Marinho, international business development manager, Modulift, said: “We were honoured to be involved in such an iconic job. Modulift, Gruas Deca and Pescaira combined to implement a safe lifting solution that allowed for the timely and safe completion of the stadium roof replacement. I’m sure Celta Vigo supporters will enjoy watching matches under a new roof.”


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