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Two Cranes with One Mission: Lifting Operation in the Tatra Mountains

Nenzing (Austria) May 2018 – two Liebherr cranes joined forces for a spectacular bridge lift in the Tatra Mountains, Poland. The LR 1300 and the LTM 1160-5.1 convinced as a well-coordinated team during the trial of strength. Liebherr’s quality was also relied upon for the deep foundation work.

In 2010 it was destroyed by a flood. Now it is being rebuilt with the aid of a Liebherr crawler crane type LR 1300: the bridge over the River Biała in Jankowa-Lipniczka, Poland.

The contractor IMB-Podbeskidzie Sp. z o.o. erected six bridge sections with a total weight of 116 t over the river. The sections were delivered by low-loader from Skoczów, Silesia, pre-assembled on site, and then lifted and positioned by the Liebherr crawler crane, which is painted in the customer’s colours of blue and white. The bridge comprises 60 t of side sections with a length of 15.5 m each and 56 t of middle sections at a length of 14 m each.

A Liebherr mobile crane LTM 1160-5.1 was used as tandem partner for the LR 1300 during the lifting work. Together they formed the 75 m bridge with utmost precision. Also on board: a duty cycle crawler crane type HS 855 HD equipped with a vibratory hammer to install sheet piles. Recently our customer IMB successfully completed the work. After a construction period of seven months for the entire completion the new bridge over the River Biała in Jankowa-Lipniczka could be opened to traffic.

The short film shows amazing images of the Liebherr application in Poland:


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