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Two Raimondi MRT111 cranes erected in Saint Petersburg

September 21, 2016- Two Raimondi MRT111 cranes have been erected at the latest residential construction site by Akvilon-Invest called ‘4U’ in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Konsul LLC., the official dealer of Raimondi Cranes in the Russian Federation, trading commercially as Import Cranes, explains that the ‘4You’ residential complex will include four buildings each at an 18-storey height, with a total of 1564 apartments and an overall area of 56,000 sq. meters.

The project also includes 85,000 sq. meters of mixed-use real estate with the lower floors planned for commercial activity, and an underground parking complex that will house up to 318 vehicles. The developers anticipate that ‘4U’ should be ready to receive its first residents in 2018. The jobsite hosting the MRT111s is situated near Pulkovo Airport, approximately 700 meters from Moskovskoye Shosse.  

According to Jury Varnachev, Director, Konsul LLC., “the developer made the decision to place the Raimondi MRT111s on this particular construction site primarily due to the maximum lifting capacity of the crane at 8t., allowing it to work with all the required loads. Initially, the contractor required the jib to be a length of 30 meters, whereas the cranes presented here have jib lengths of 55 meters.” Varnachev pointed out that opting for a Raimondi crane allows for a direct relationship, giving contractors the opportunity to have heavy lifting machinery developed according to the needs of particular jobsites, as well as ensuring durability and performance. Currently in Saint Petersburg, four Raimondi models are present: MRT111, MRT180, MR75, and the MR60.

Regarding crane erection methods and timelines, Varnachev explains that there are various options depending on the construction site’s specifics. Basic determinants influencing the choice of erection methods are: the height of the tower, jib length, geographical area, and available timings. “In the case of the ‘4U’ project, we chose a 130 t. mobile crane and the erection of the crane to a height of 46 meters took two days. At a later stage, both cranes will climb to a height of 66 meters, complete with Raimondi climbing cage. This means that in tandem with the pace of the buildings, six additional three meter sections will be added to each crane,” he added.

Akvilon-Invest, founded in 2003 in Arkhangelsk, is responsible for the construction of 50 mixed-use projects, including modern residential areas with underground parking, shopping districts, entertainment and recreational centers, and office buildings. The company works on a turn-key basis and acts as customer, contractor and investor. Akvilon-Invest currently has two Raimondi MRT 111s, with a maximum capacity of 8,000 kg and a maximum height of 131 meters.


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