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Xiamen, People’s Republic of China, 24 May 2016 – Terex Port Solutions (TPS) notches up another success for its Terex Quaymate M50 mobile harbour crane.

After the first machine in the world completely manufactured and assembled by the Chinese site of TPS in Xiamen was shipped to Australia in March this year, the leading South Korean logistics service provider CJ Korea Express (Korea Express) has now ordered two Quaymate M50 mobile harbour cranes for different terminals.

Cost-effective handling of a wide range of cargo

In August 2016, the two 2-rope mobile harbour cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of 50 t, a 20-t motor grab curve and an outreach of up to 36 m will be commissioned in the terminals of Korea Express located in Ulsan on the East Sea and Incheon on the Yellow Sea.

The machine for Ulsan is equipped with a motor grab and will mainly help Korea Express with efficient handling of bulk material including grain and agribulk. The Quaymate M50 for Incheon will predominantly be used for loading and unloading general cargo such as steel products and project cargoes. Both mobile harbour cranes are equipped with diesel generators and are provided with additional equipment for operation with power from the terminal’s own supply. As a result, they are particularly flexible; operation with external power increases cost-effectiveness and eliminates exhaust gas emissions from the terminals.

Long-term customer impressed by the new Quaymate M50

With Korea Express, TPS has impressed a long-term customer with the Quaymate M50 crane. Korea Express already operates three Terex® Gottwald mobile harbour cranes at other sites, including a HMK 260 E and a HMK 280 E of Generation 4, as well as a Model 6 mobile harbour crane of Generation 5 in the G HMK 6407 variant. D. S. Kim, General Manager of the purchasing department of Korea Express: “In the past few years, our Terex Gottwald mobile harbour cranes have made a major contribution to effective container and general cargo handling in our terminals. Our positive experience with operating these machines has been a crucial factor in our decision to opt again for mobile harbour crane technology from TPS.” 

Developed for specific conditions in Asia

Maurizio Altieri, General Manager of TPS Xiamen, is delighted that an Asian terminal operator has for the first time decided on the Quaymate M50 crane, a success to which TPS’ distributor from South Korea, Kilwoo Corporation, has also contributed: “The handling machine was developed by engineering teams from western Europe and Asia on the basis of the proven Terex Gottwald design philosophy. Here the focus was on the requirements of different terminals in Asia, as well as in other regions of the world. With the crane, small terminals can, for example, replace non-port machines, such as excavators or telescopic and conventional mobile cranes, make their cargo handling more cost-effective and develop new applications. Established terminal operators such as Korea Express, on the other hand, can supplement their existing fleet in a dedicated manner with the Quaymate M50 crane.”

Robust machine helps terminals during growth

The Quaymate M50 mobile harbour crane combines many components from Asia and is manufactured in the state-of-the-art plant of TPS in Xiamen. Altieri: “For TPS, this is also another expression of our consistent market proximity. We have been present here for decades and are familiar with the demand situation. Asian terminal operators are also looking for particularly cost-effective and robust machines that work reliably and help their terminals grow.“

Genuine mobile harbour crane with functional construction

In order to meet these requirements, the Quaymate M50 is classified as a “genuine” mobile harbour crane for continuous operation and therefore for a sufficient number of load cycles. It is particularly easy to maneuver and position alongside the vessel. The crane also impresses by virtue of its functional and easy-to-maintain construction and offers powerful electrical main drives. It has a cab positioned high on the tower for a good view of the entire working area. The Quaymate M50, which was developed based on the Terex® Gottwald Model 2 harbour crane from the small crane family of TPS, was awarded “Crane of the Year” by the International Bulk Journal (IBJ) in 2014.


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