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DLT will supply 5,000 tonne capacity modular jacking tower system in China

Dorman Long Technology (DLT) have just been awarded a contract by China Petroleum First Construction Company based in Henan province, China, for the design and supply of a modular jacking tower system for erection of petrochemical vessels weighing up to 5,000 tonnes and up to 160m high.  The tower system will be known as the MYQ5000 and will be manufactured by Dorman Long Technology in their Shanghai works for delivery in early 2014. With petrochemical vessels in China set to rise above 4,000 tonnes in the very near future CPFCC are investing in the MYQ5000 as the most practical and economic method of handling these extra heavy vessels. The MYQ5000 is intended initially for work inside China, but has been designed by DLT for use internationally.

MYQ5000 self erect system MYQ5000 self erect system


The MYQ5000 has many new features including self-erect/dismantle, walking with the load, central wireless control of all systems and will feature 4 No 1,394 tonne capacity strand jacks for lifting.
The main features of the MYQ5000 are :

  • Designed to erect petrochemical vessels up to 5,000 tonnes and up to 160m high
  • Vessels can be moved longitudinally and transversely after lifting. In the longitudinal direction the tower and vessel move together along a track.
  • Vessels can be rotated after lifting using a 5,000 tonne capacity swivel incorporated into the modular lifting beam
  • Two tower system for a small foot print on site
  • Free standing without guys to 90m tall, with a single level of guys required for greater heights
  • Lifting speed of 23 m hour using 4 No DL-S1394 strand jacks (1394 tonnes capacity per jack)
  • Longitudinal and transverse movement speeds of 25 m/hour using 4 No DL-CP400 pinned skidding jacks (400 tonnes capacity per jack)
  • Self-erection/dismantling system using a purpose designed 20 m/hour jacking system located at the base of each tower and able to handle pre-assembled tower sections up to 12 m high
  • All elements of the tower system have been designed for ease of transport between job sites and for fast assembly & disassembly when on site
  • The tower system can be bolted down to concrete foundations, or supported on load spreading mats
  • Central monitoring and synchronised control of all jacking systems using a customized and wireless version of our DL-P40 computer control system
  • High accuracy GPS stations located at the top of each tower for monitoring tower verticality. The GPS data is integrated into the DL-P40 computer control system.

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