BHOIR’s LR 1300 created a breakthrough lift with 86 m boom and 89 m jib

The Bhoir Group’s Liebherr LR 1300, the 300 t crawler crane manufactured by Liebherr, created a breakthrough by lifting 8.3 t with 86 meter main boom and 89 meter luffing jib and derrick with 50 t of suspended counterweight. This splendid lift was carried out at a radius of 53 meter and the load was placed at a 118 meter height.

The crane is working in a Cement plant in Chattisgarh, India. The magnificent boom combination and excellent load capacity of the machine made the lift extremely easy with utmost safety. This remarkable feature of the LR 1300 has put the Bhoir Group miles ahead.

The LR 1300 is powered with a fuel efficient 450 kW diesel engine along with state of the art Liebherr Litronic® control system based on Canbus technology which provides efficient and precise control of all functions including online load chart calculation.

The fabulous blend of main boom and luffing jib combinations makes the crane one of its kind to work across power plants, steel plants, cement plants, petrochemical plants and all other types of erection works. The crane can be fitted with a maximum of 98 m of main boom, a maximum of 113 m of luffing jib and various fixed jibs including windmill fixed jibs of  7 m and 8 m.

The Bhoir Group has four LR 1300 crawler cranes and has been successfully deploying them for several high rise and heavy lift erections across various segments of the industry.


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