Liebherr LR1300 lifts the widest tilt-up panel so far

liebherr-lr1300A remarkable performance has recently been achieved by a Liebherr LR1300 in the United States. The crawler crane lifted the widest tilt-up panel in history. With a total width of 89 ft the old world record was beaten by six feet and two inches.

This new world record was set in Rock Hill, South Carolina, by Citadel Contractors Inc., an Apex, NC company which specializes in tilt-up construction for more than 15 years. The 89 feet wide and more than 30 feet tall panel had a weight of approximately 130,000 pounds (+/- 59 tonnes).
Among the main advantages of tilt-up construction for end-users are their rapidness and their cost-effectiveness. Techniques for tilt-up construction have been further developed in recent years, making it suitable for a great number of buildings. Most of the work is done on ground level, thus making it a fast, safe and efficient technique. However, it requires careful planning and a high-performing crane to do the lifting.

The operator also loves the crane due to its ease of operation and all important machine data can be accessed from our office via the onboard LiDAT system

– Swagert

The Liebherr LR 1300 was the perfect crane to set this outstanding world record. This 330 ton capacity crawler crane not only offers high productivity, but also quick and easy transport and assembly.
Jason Swagert, Vice President of Citadel adds that the LR 1300 gave them the unique opportunity to do bigger and heavier tilt-up panels due to its outstanding loadchart. Another distinguishing feature of the LR 1300 is its enormous number of boom and jib configurations and thus potential applications. The combined length of main boom and luffing jib can be as much as 172 m (564 ft).
This panel will be part of a new high school building of the school complex York Preparatory Academy in Rock Hill.



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