Great photos of Linden Comansa tower cranes at Hydroelectric Plant

Energias de Portugal, the largest electric utility company in the Portugal, has been building the Baixo Sabor hydroelectric plant in the municipality of Torre de Moncorvo. Comprised by two dams, the main one is located upstream of the Sabor River and set 9.5 kilometers apart from the downstream one, that will flood an area over 50 km.

The jobsite employs up to 1675 people, with an excavation volume of around 3,000,000 m3, where a volume of 1,100,000 m3 concrete shall be used. The magnitude of the project also requires a large amount of machinery. Therefore, Ibergru has supplied  15 Linden Comansa cranes to the jobsite.  The flat-top tower cranes have a maximum load in a range between 5 and 48 tons.


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