How one Sennebogen 680 supplies an Island

Between France and England in the English Channel, you will find Alderney the third-largest British Channel Island. The Braye harbor in St. Anne has particular significance as the only maritime connection to the mainland. A new SENNEBOGEN 680 has been at work there since mid 2013 as the only harbor crane, it ensures the supply of goods for the island populace.

As the northernmost Channel Island off the French coast, Alderney is idyllically situated in the English channel and is directly subject to the British royal house as a Crown Colony. In spite of a land area of just under 8 km², the insular state is nonetheless the third largest channel island. Currently approximately 1,900 inhabitants live on the island, which is characterized by numerous defensive fortifications. The local harbor is a significant hub of the insular state, and for good reason. All goods, from machines, construction material, to groceries and fuels, to everyday necessities, reach the inhabitants and companies exclusively via water freight. More than 95% of the annual flow of goods passes through the serene Braye Harbor.

“The new mobile harbor crane from SENNEBOGEN is an important acquisition for all Alderney inhabitants. It guarantees the reliable supply of all goods from the mainland for the island inhabitants. With the 680 HMC we have found the perfect machine for all of our harbor requirements.”

-Chief Executive – States of Alderney, Roy Burke

In 2012 when it became apparent that due to an increasing flow of goods and increased use of containers, a new harbor crane would be needed, the harbor and island administration decided to procure a new SENNEBOGEN 680 HMC mobile harbor crane. A significant decision, as the acquisition costs amount to approximately 40% of the insular state’s annual budget. In the summer of 2013 the responsible Sales and Service Partner, E. H. Hassells & Sons Ltd, was able to officially transfer the machine.

The 680 HMC, specially designed for demanding harbor deployment, convinces through maximum mobility and flexibility and, thanks to high working loads and two 16 t winches, it replaces the previous crawler crane to the complete satisfaction of its owners. Harbor Master, Mark Gaudion, and Alderney Chief Executive, Roy Burke, who were significantly involved in the machine concept, have particular praise for the high power reserves, in combination with the robust workmanship, in addition to the flexibility.

The machine, with a 26 m reach, is used to load and unload the incoming ships and for lifting tasks on the entire harbor facility – the mobile undercarriage with all-wheel drive makes it possible. Smaller boats are also lowered into the water per crane. In addition to hook implementation, the machine can also be operated with a double-shell grab and unloads agricultural bulk goods and construction material, for example. Operator Phil Murray is particularly pleased with the Maxcab that can be elevated to an eye level of 9 m. Thus at low tide, in particular, an unobstructed view of ships that can be as much as 4 m lower, is ensured. In addition the monitoring system with three cameras offers an ideal all-round view – a valuable plus in terms of safety and efficiency.

Naturally the SENNEBOGEN 680 HMC arrived via ship and was immediately assembled. When the same ship, loaded with goods, approached the harbor on the following day, the new crane was already able to unload it autonomously; higher efficiency is hard to imagine. For harbor implementation the crane received a special paint coating that can withstand even the harshest weather. The 680 HMC also is impressive in terms of service and maintenance, particularly due its understandable design. The specialists from E. H. Hassells & Sons Ltd. handle the regular maintenance and service on site.



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