Stronger Liebherr LR 1600/2 wind power boom system

Liebherr can now supply a stronger wind power boom system for the LR 1600/2 crawler crane. The new SL10 main boom system combined with a fixed jib increases load capacity by up to 20 per cent compared to the standard boom system. 

In addition the new system has increased its hoist height by 15 meter to over 160 meter. And the LR 1600/2 still has a load capacity of 71 tons at this height. A comparison with the standard system shows an increase in load capacity from 77 tons to 92 tons at a hoist height of 147 meter. This means that the new SL10 system can erect the latest generation of wind turbines with tower heights of up to 150 meter.

This new system can be retrofitted on current machines as well. Only a few additional lattice sections must be purchased which can be assembled with the existing standard lattice sections to form the new SL-10 system. These additional sections can be used as a kit, making them ideal for the LR 1600/2. The new system does not affect the basic machine and also does not increase its transport dimension of 3 meter.

The load capacity increases are essentially the result of an improvement in the division of the SL boom. The derrick system has also been improved to allow longer lattice systems to be erected.

The new system forms the basis for an all-round upgrade of the LR 1600/2 involving the standard boom system being extended using lattice sections from the new SL10 system. These new, stronger systems get the suffix H for ‘Heavy’.


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