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Linden Comansa will be at Algeria’s Batimatec trade show

Algiers’ “Pins Maritimes” Expo Centre will host from May 3rd to 7th 2016, the 19th edition of Batimatec, an international exhibition that every year brings together the leading companies of the construction and machinery sectors.

Tower crane manufacturer Linden Comansa will be present at the fair through its partner Sodetram, which will display the 5LC5010 crane. This model, with flat-top design and belonging to the smallest Series of Linden Comansa, meets all the requirements to be one of the most demanded in the Algerian market: maximum load capacity of 5 tonnes; maximum jib length of between 20 and 50 metres; Jib-end load up to 1,000 kilos, or 1.100 using the PowerLift system, which is standard; freestanding height of more than 50 metres, etc.

With their participation at Batimatec, Sodetram and Linden Comansa want not only to show the range of small Linden Comansa cranes, but also other models and series from the Spanish manufacturer that have very good reception in Algeria and neighbouring countries.

Sodetram, based in Marseille, France, and its subsidiary in Algiers, Sodetram Algérie, have been working in the Algerian market for 25 years, offering a wide range of machinery and equipment for all type of construction projects. Since 2013, Sodetram and Linden Comansa keep a strong partnership to export the cranes from the Spanish manufacturer, especially to the countries of the Maghreb in North Africa. Among other operations, Sodetram is responsible of providing Algerian public contractor ENGOA with five Linden Comansa 16LC260 tower cranes for the construction of the Tabellout viaduct. By the end of the project, these cranes will reach a height under hook of 130 metres, which will make them the tallest in Algeria.

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