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Meeting the highest standards: SENNEBOGEN 3300 E-Series crawler crane

SENNEBOGEN has included its crawler crane models in its upgrade to the next generation of engines. The new generation of the 3300, with a safe working load of 125 t, comes with a variety of attachments, the latest engine and a Star Lifter undercarriage.

Crawler cranes are used in a variety of tasks, from lifting to assembling large building elements, to constructing wind turbines. This demands flexibility, high safe working loads, and powerful winches and drivetrains for efficient operation. With more than 60 years of experience in design and development, SENNEBOGEN has just revised its 125-t crawler crane, the SENNEBOGEN 3300, from the ground up and optimized it to meet Tier 4f emission standards.

Maximun Flexibilitity: mobile under load and easy to transport

A powerful 186-kW diesel engine and the optimized multi-circuit hydraulic system power the 160-kN winch at rope speeds of up to 105 m/min with ease. Thanks to its robust Star Lifter crawler undercarriage, the machine is not only stable, it can even be conveniently driven under load. The crawler tracks can be easily removed for transport, after which the base machine, at just 3.0 m wide, can be easily transported. Thanks to the innovative SENNEBOGEN self-assembly system, the crawler crane can assemble itself on-site in just a few steps.

Numerous attachments and ergonomic operator cab

The lattice boom can also come in numerous designs, from 13.1 m to 94 m, thanks to the proven SENNEBOGEN modular system. Fly boom variants and other attachments, including auxiliary and luffing jibs, offer additional flexibility at the construction site.

As the first crawler crane of the E-series, the 3300 with Green Efficiency Technology not only satisfies the Tier 3b/4f requirements, it is also boasts high energy efficiency thanks to EcoMode and a SENCON control and diagnostics system.

The modern Maxcab comfort cab provides a comfortable operating environment and an optimal overview of the work area. The cab can also be tilted by 20 degrees or elevated up to 2.7 m – an added bonus in ergonomics and work safety.

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