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ALE has started fabrication works for the new heavy duty jib that will fit onto both the AL.SK190 and AL.SK350 cranes.

With lengths up to 100m, the new jib will have a 3,400t lifting capacity and will be built from specialist steel milled with steel grades up to S1100Q. The jib is a modular design and can be assembled in different configurations.

Ronald Hoefmans, ALE’s Technical Director, said: “The AL.SK cranes have always been designed with a potential for a jib but has previously never been required. We anticipated the need to lift with heavier capacities to bigger heights and now have confirmed contracts to do so. At ALE, our priority is foresee future challenges and provide an innovative solution for our clients.

“The new jib will enable us to achieve this and lift heavy loads to bigger heights with a larger radius.The jib will be comprised of a unique patented design with a wide strut. It is this special design which will boost the lifting capacity.”

The build is expected to complete by the end of the year and will perform its first lifts up to 2,800t in 2017.


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