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Comansa introduced CJ1100 series at Bauma China

Comansa Jie launched her new 11CJ132-6t flat-top tower crane at the Bauma China trade fair in Shanghai. It is the first model from the CJ1100 series. With six tons of maximum load, it is the smallest model from Comansa Jie to date. With which the Chinese manufacturer, the target is to gain market share in countries such as China, India and the South East Asia.

The 11CJ132 can be erected with a jib length from 30 and 60 meters, with configurations each 2.5 meters, allowing to perfectly adapt the reach of the crane to the conditions of each job-site. The fixed version of the 11CJ132-6t has a maximum freestanding height of 57.4 meters, although it could exceed 108 meters combining different types of tower sections.

Powerlift system

This new model is the first from Comansa Jie to include the PowerLift system, developed by her parent company in Spain, Linden Comansa. The PowerLift system improves the load diagram of the 11CJ132-6t up to 10% with reduced speeds, allowing the crane to load, for example, 1,320 kilos at the jib end (60 meters) instead of a load of 1,200 kilos without PowerLift. This system comes standard and is very easy to use. Comansa Jie expects to gradually include this system in all models.

Bauma China trade show: Most successful ever

Regarding the trade fair, the results have been superb. “Our booth was full all of the time; we met with all our major customers and distributors, and were able to meet very interesting new potential customers. Most importantly, we made agreements worth more than 10 million dollars, which will benefit both Comansa Jie in China and Linden Comansa in Spain. And there are still many operations to close, so we can ensure that the 2014 edition of Bauma China was the best of all times for us”, says Andy Huang, Comansa Jie General Manger.

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