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Thygesen buys second Liebherr MK 88 mobile construction crane

Biberach / Riss (Germany), August 2017 – Danish crane contractor Thygesen took delivery of a further Liebherr MK 88 mobile construction crane.

The MK 88 was commissioned at Liebherr-Werk Biberach GmbH as part of an introduction training programme for the new crane. Representatives of the Danish crane contractor Karl Thygesen & Søn ApS as well as of the AMU-Hoverdal crane driver school travelled to the manufacturing plant in Biberach to take delivery of the crane.

The Liebherr mobile construction crane already completed its first jobs: In the course of scaffolding cladding works over the roofs of Copenhagen, it lifted parts weighing up to 800 kilogrammes – no problem for a four-axle crane with 1,700 kilogrammes maximum lifting capacity at the jib head of 45 metres working radius. One particular advantage of the mobile construction cranes is that they are designed for one-man operation and can thus be operated quickly and simply.

For the Danish crane contractor Karl Thygesen & Søn ApS, the crane is its second MK 88, joining the first one ordered last year. The company with a workforce of 20 also has two Liebherr mobile cranes – an LTM 1090-5.1 and an LTM 1130-5.1 – in its fleet in Greve.


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