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KoneCranes New SLX Electric Chain Hoists with Integrated Hoisting Inverter

Konecranes SLX electric chain hoists with hoisting inverter automatically adjust to the SWL (safe working load).

Konecranes is expanding its range of workstation lifting systems with newly developed SLX electric chain hoists. The new models with integrated hoisting inverter support more efficient processes and shorter production cycles – thanks to variable hoisting speed and automatic load recognition. In addition to a greater ease of use, SLX helps to achieve increased productivity and a longer service life. The SLX electric chain hoists can be used in standalone applications, such as assembly cells for the processing industry, as well as in workstation cranes.

With SLX, lifting and lowering are smooth and continuous to handle equipment with care and to maximize the service life of the systems in use. Due to the high hoisting speed, transport processes are also more productive under partial load, which helps to save energy.
Konecranes, the worldwide specialist in lifting technology and the extensive service that it requires, is increasingly using frequency converter technology. The newly developed SLX models are available with lifting capacities up to 2,500 kilograms.

Product characteristics and Quality

The SLX electric chain hoists come with Extended Speed Range (XSR). XSR technology offers an extended range of hoisting speeds with intelligent automatic load recognition. Compared to traditional electric chain hoists, for example, it maximizes the speeds depending on the safe working load.

This saves time and helps to increase productivity. In addition, the soft start of the hoisting inverter when lifting with large loads (shock load absorption), limits the stress on the system, as it reduces load forces on the crane. This helps to achieve a longer service life, lower energy consumption and lower maintenance costs over the entire life cycle. Hoisting speed is also freely variable and can be adjusted to the specific application.

Efficiency of the SLX electric chain hoist with XSR The table is valid for basic models CLX-SLX05 (500kg) and CLX-SLX10 (1000kg).
Efficiency of the SLX electric chain hoist with XSR
The table is valid for basic models CLX-SLX05 (500kg) and CLX-SLX10 (1000kg).


And last but not least, SLX electric chain hoists help to enhance the reliability of workstations. The brake, safety clutch and motor are constantly monitored electronically so that the hoisting process can be interrupted in the event of a failure. Also the electronic load limiter constantly checks the SWL and protects against overload mechanically and electronically.

The SLX electric chain hoist comes in striking aluminum housing that won the red dot award for design and value. It is exceptionally robust and has a maintenance and service hatch.


The SLX electric chain hoists from Konecranes can be used in a wide variety of applications, as speeds are fully variable, the default speed can be programmed and higher hoisting speeds are possible with partial loads. The SLX electric chain hoists are therefore suitable for standalone applications, such as assembly cells in the processing industry, as well as for work that requires speed and precision. The SLX electric chain hoist is the ideal solution in particular when it comes to moving loads at high frequency or high speeds. With its compact shape, it can be deployed in many scenarios, such as on workstation, slewing and gantry cranes, in XA and XM systems or stationary pulls.


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