Rectification: Man riding top/roof of man basket at Bauma 2013

At Bauma 2013, a man was spotted riding the top/roof of the man basket on the hook of a Wolffkran tower crane.

According to the photographer, when the man basket touched down on the roof of the booth, the man fell off his perch onto the roof. Later, it turned out to be a planned stunt.

It’s first looked like a dangerous stunt. However, the opposite appears true. The stunt, although spectacular, was nothing to worry about. It is part of the planned marketing campaign for bauma 2016 organized by the Messe München. WOLFKRANN just allowed them to film on their premises. The stunt was tested in detail in advance.

The entire film will be 3 minutes long and will show a parcours runner performing stunts on various stands. The message of the film will be along the lines of “experience the entire world of construction equipment in a short time”. The film will probably be finalized by end summer. It will then be posted on

We look forward to the video and thank WOLFFKRANN for clarifying the incident.

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  1. This may have been a planned stunt, but it WILL be seen by people who do not know this and think it is acceptable.

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