With the new LR11350, ALE delivers turnkey solution to the australian market

Global heavylift specialist ALE have performed several turnkey jobs throughout Australia utilizing one of their biggest cranes.
The Liebherr LR11350, the largest crane ALE currently operates in Australia, was delivered into the country and has since completed several jobs in the last five months.

One of the 1,350t capacity crane’s first jobs took place in Darwin, where ALE has successfully completed the transportation to site and installation of a CO2 absorber column weighing 605t. More recently, the crane completed another job in Cape Lambert, Western Australia, where two 400t car dumper cells were installed.

In Darwin ALE’s Projects and Technical Director, Filippo Anello, found the crane to be a necessary and vital piece of equipment in order to carry out the job in challenging surroundings: “With limited space for the positioning and maneuvering of the crane on a live gas plant, the lift and transport planning were carefully engineered to complete the operation safely,” said Filippo.
“We completed the installation in three days. Just like the car dumper installation job in Cape Lambert, by using our specialist equipment and offering a bespoke and safe turnkey solution, we provided the tools and engineering expertise to complete the job within the time frames and constraints of the clients.”


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